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“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against...” Ephesians 6:12

The book content below is available in paperback & printable downloads at a low donation level price. The latest edition has been extensively revised (updated) beyond this online first edition.

Overcoming demonic oppression, Schizophrenia & Psychosis: Christian guide book (book by Eric Gondwe)

Overcoming demonic oppression, Schizophrenia & Psychosis: Christian guide book

The book contents on this page are from a chapter on deliverance from my other book on Breaking spiritual strongholds. The book is titled: Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit: Dealing with Root Causes. It was published in 2008. The book on overcoming demonic oppression includes the contents of the chapter below:


Chapter 13. Deliverance from Demonic Experiences and Demonic Manifestations

Deliverance from demonic manifestations & tapping into the spirit world

One area of spiritual wounds easily mistaken for demon possession

This is one area of a wounded spirit among other different areas. It is not in the area of demon possession. However, it is one area of spiritual wounds that is easily mistaken for demon possession. It can only be so if a person has not yet received salvation.

Demonic possession and demonic influence are two different activities in the spirit realm. Some Christians believe they’re demon possessed because they sometimes experience some type of demonic manifestation, such as sensing, seeing, and hearing evil spirit beings. So demons have to be cast out.

The biblical truth is that a Christian cannot be demon possessed. For more detailed info on this topic please read Chapter 6, “Can a Christian be Demon Possessed?” in my book on spiritual warfare. The bible is clear here no matter what scriptures some may try to twist to say otherwise.

Being God’s children our spirits are sealed as God’s own temples. They cannot be defiled by any evil spirits. Thus evil spirits cannot get inside of us in our spiritual makeup. The only access evil spirits have to Christians is from an external position. Such external access is known as demonic influence or demonic interference. Fallen angels can sometimes be given such access to our bodies from an external point that it may seem like they’re inside. Remember these are spirits beings that have no limitations to penetrate physical matter.

For more info on the nature of angels please read chapter 6 “The Nature of Angels: God’s Angels and Fallen Angels,” in my book Breaking Curses, Including Generational Curses.

In relation to our human spiritual and physical makeup the following are the major areas of access among Christians who experience demonic influence or demonic interference in such areas. For Christians such demonic manifestations are external types of interference and not internal possession:

  • Body sensations. These include (real and imagined) feelings of movements in the body, tension, heat flow, and pulsation. Other experiences can include out-of-body experiences.
  • Visio perceptions. This includes seeing spirit beings that other people cannot see with their ordinary or human sense of sight.
  • Auditory sensing. This is where one’s sense of hearing can hear voices of spirit beings that other people cannot hear with their ordinary or human sense of hearing.
  • Olfactory Sensing. This is where one’s sense of smell can smell odors in an environment that other people cannot smell with their ordinary or human sense of smelling.
  • Sensing a presence. This is where an individual sense a spirit being is around. Most times they can also say it’s hiding but it’s around somewhere. The person may say it’s watching everybody’s movements, and so on.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. It just outlines the major areas of such spiritual manifestation. Some experience only one or two kinds of manifestations. Others experience more than one.

You’ll notice that all the above are spiritual experiences beyond our ordinary or earthly senses. They are supernatural experiences. This is at least where the bible is concerned. The secular world of mental health puts them in the category of psychological disorders. However these are spiritual matters beyond the mind. Many people experiencing such demonic manifestations are actually intelligent and mentally sound. That’s why secular remedies fall short.

Some trigger-happy deliverance ministers jump to quickly categorize such experiences as aspects of demon possession. So they venture on casting out the demons out of a heaven-destined, God-fearing Christian.

In relation to a Christian the above matters are aspects of demonic influence. Thus the level of access to a believer that demons have to manifest is in this nature is at the level of demonic influence. It is an external type of interference, not an internal one. For Christians it does not graduate to the level of demonic possession. In a little while I’ll cover on tapping into the wrong spirit world as the cause of such manifestations.

If you need more detailed information on the difference between demonic influence and demonic possession please read my other book, Major Spiritual Warfare Principles: Biblical Do’s and Don’ts of Warfare. The topic is covered in chapter 5 “Demonic Possession: The Exception for Direct Confrontation.”

As God’s children we are sealed by the Holy Spirit living inside each of us. It is only if the Holy Spirit were to be grieved enough through repeated and grievous sin that demons could have some room of entry. God forbid that any of us sink to such a level. At such a level one salvation is lost.

Thus for as long as one remains saved his/her spirit can NOT be owned by evil spirits. It cannot be possessed by demons. A Christian’s spirit is already owned and occupied by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell or tolerate to live in the same house with an evil spirit. This is the Holy of holies living in us. Let’s not insult God by assuming he can coexist with the filthiest and the most evil beings. Each of us is his temple.

However, although we’re sealed and thus protected from demonic possession there is demonic influence that we can experience. Everyone goes through demonic influence in some form. God does allow demonic influence up to a different level, during different times, and in different areas among different Christians. Temptation is the most common form of demonic influence. We have the final say on how to respond to demonic influence.

Thus some, for reasons of being able to tap into the spirit realm, are able to experience demonic influence through demonic manifestations outlined above.

Remember Paul who received a thorn in the flesh from Satan that brought much pain and discomfort in his life. Was he demon possessed? Absolutely not. “There was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me,” 2 Corinthians 12:7.

More content available in the Second Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it

What causes some people to sense, see, smell, or hear evil spirit beings?

Seeing, smelling, sensing, or hearing demon spirits means a person is able to tap or have access into the spirit realm. The matters that caused this access can be anyone or a combination of matters that open doors to demonic influence: 1) deception, 2) ignorance, 3) sin, or 4) storms of life.

Through any of these doorways an individual may end up being able to sense, see, smell, or hear evil spirit beings that we’re not to ordinarily perceive. It may be worth giving examples how any of the four doorways may end up an individual to tap into the spirit world or have access to perceive the evil spirit world.

1) Through Deception, or 2) Through Ignorance

Falling to deception or falling to ignorance have been put together because it’s either one or the other that may result in following false beliefs. For someone to fall into the occult either deception or ignorance led him/her into it. People involved in the occult and witchcraft are more prone to being opened up to the evil spirit world. This is because occult rituals invoke or call upon evil spirits in the spirit world.

Here is how this basically happens to those once in the occult. The following is a statement from someone in the occult answering the question: What Can You Expect from Ritual Magic? It is adapted from the Llewellyn Encyclopedia, said to be the most authoritative New Age and Occult encyclopedia.

“These spiritual entities, which are not composed of flesh, always surround you—they are around you even as you read these words—but your dull, material eyes are blind to them. You cannot feel their touch, hear their voices, or see their forms. As you continue the regular practice of the art of magic they will begin to caress your awareness, particularly during the actual rituals.

“Yes, spirits do exist. You can prove this to yourself easily enough through the regular practice of ritual. You will find that you have a harder time convincing others of this fact, even as a person with normal sight might find it hard to persuade a man color-blind from birth of the wonderful difference between green and red. Spirits are experienced subjectively, in that someone whose consciousness has been changed by ritual can see them, while another may not see them,” (Llewellyn Encyclopedia, “What Can You Expect from Ritual Magic?” by Donald Tyson).

Thus once those who tapped into the wrong spirit world through occult practices have their perceptions open to the wrong spirit world they need God to close their access to this unseen evil realm. God is able to restore their sensory perceptions to only perceive the physical world. The only spiritual realm he leaves open for us is access to him. God is our only spirit being we’re biblically permitted to tap into.

Though “tapping into God” may not be a perfect terminology it shows that we have one spirit realm we’re permitted to connect with. Our Christian rituals (disciplines) of prayer, fasting, communion, obeying God’s word, charitable works, walking in love and so on, enable us to effectively connect with God and be led by his Holy Spirit. We never get to see him but we’re able to perceive his leadings in our lives in a deeper way. The closer the walk with God the deeper our fellowship with him.

Another form of falling to deception or falling to ignorance is through some false teachings in the body of Christ. Some sincere believers previously involved in false teachings on spiritual warfare that bombard evil spirits can also be prone to perceiving evil spirit beings. The false teachings on spiritual warfare tap into the evil spirit world as my book on spiritual warfare shows in depth. The erroneous teachings on spiritual warfare have non-biblical spiritual warfare prayers, deliverance prayers, binding and loosing demons, and so on. They all amount to tapping into the wrong spirit world.

More content available in the Second Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it

3) Through sin

Occult practices by their nature constitute sinful practices. Thus they’re also part of this category. Whether committed knowingly or out of ignorance sin has the same consequences. Sin is basically either deception yielded to or ignorance in application.

Apart from occult practices sins that can result in taping in the spirit world include bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, vengeance, and so on, over past wrongs one innocently experienced as a victim. Culprits or offenders against innocent people are also prone though they may also experience other non-spiritual torment. Others include severe conflicts between a parent and a child, murder, applying erroneous teachings like ones on spiritual warfare that tap into the evil spirit world, and so on.

4) Through storms of life

Storms of life are unpleasant experiences that befall us out of no fault of our own. These include experiences of experiences of betrayal (by a loved one; trusted person, or leader); death of a loved one; experiences of severe physical or emotional abuse; living under a heavy control and disciplinary environment that brings fear; living under constant negative and critical words; living under rejection; false accusations; terrible divorce experience (as the victim); traumatic experience(s), severe accident (e.g. surviving the September 11 terror experience (in Kenya, Tanzania, and USA), traumatic accident, casualty of war); having a physical or social disability; having a certain physical appearance society “persecutes;” severe racial, gender and ethnic discrimination or abuse; falling victim to false teachings; genuine trials of faith; and so on.

Some people may find their spiritual faculties opened to perceiving the evil spirit world through any of such storms. Sometimes such experiences of perceiving the evil spirit world start from childhood. The child having such manifestations is experiencing something that occurred without his/her input. It is a storm of life.

In many cases such a storm on a child may also be an act of demon possession. Thus where it’s precisely determined that it constitutes demon possession the child would require demons being cast out.

As you may be aware by now I’m against the trigger happy habit of some deliverance ministers wanting to cast out demons in situations where a person is not even possessed. Thus discernment and scriptural understanding is important. Otherwise it would lead to more problems to a victim who’ll keep seeking demons to be cast out of him/her when they’re actually operating from an external sphere.

Deliverance and healing part 1: closing the legal doorways

How does one receive deliverance from demonic manifestations?

The same way as all the other areas requiring deliverance. In God’s eyes the cure is the same for all afflictions. However we have made it seem like some afflictions need special deliverance because of their severity. Believers being told they need special deliverance end up moving from one “deliverance ministry” to another, sometimes coming out with worse afflictions than before.

Firstly, a believer needs to be open to searching for doorways in his/her life that may have given access to experiencing and seeing in the spirit world. It could have been through any one or combination of 1) deception, 2) ignorance, 3) sin, or 4) storms of life (when responded to in a wrong way).

After finding matters that were root causes of demonic visions, voices and perceptions a believer needs to deal with these areas to close the legal doorways. No demons need to be cast out of a born again Christian. The problem is with external influence (an aspect of demonic influence), not with internal influence (an aspect of demonic possession).

Whatever the cause God is able to bring deliverance to a believer. He’ll be able to close the person’s spiritual senses from perceiving the spirit beings.

An individual who can sense, see, or hear demon manifestations does not mean the demons have gained more power over him/her. They are as powerless as the ones not seen. They can scream and say “we’re watching you,” but that does not mean they have any power over you.

More content available in the Second Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it

1) Deliverance and healing from deception, and 2) ignorance causes

These two usually go hand in hand

What is required is only repentance for the non-biblical practices, occasional fasting for some, and the truth in God’s word being applied. Deliverance follows while healing may not be overnight. Please read chapter 3 “Fundamentals of Christian Deliverance and Healing, Part 2,” in my other book, titled, Major Christian Deliverance Principles: Keys for Self-deliverance and Ministry.  It has a section that distinguishes between deliverance and healing.

The healing part includes God’s work of closing one’s spiritual faculties from tapping or having access to the wrong spirit world. For some God’s healing their spirit from such ruin may be instant, others a few days, some a few months, and so on. It therefore depends on God, the Healer. As a casualty it’s important to cooperate with the Healer by walking an upright and prayerful life, applying worthy Christian disciplines.

3) Deliverance and healing from causes through sin

Deliverance and healing comes through obedience to God’s ways and seeking him to close the spiritual faculties that were opened through the sins.

4) Deliverance and healing from causes through storms of life

There is a solution through Christ no matter what incidences opened one’s spiritual faculties to be able to see, hear and experience the evil side of the spirit world. This is more so when it resulted from storms of life. Seeking God to close the spiritual faculties from perceiving the evil spirit world is the key. God is the Healer. It’s worth focusing on him to complete his healing work of one’s spirit.

Deliverance and healing part 2: Seeking God’s intervention

A believer’s prayer and appeal to God is to seek God to close his/her spiritual eyes and faculties from seeing, hearing and sensing these spirit beings. He’ll need to continue seeking the Lord’s deliverance and healing from not being able to see, hear and sense these spirit beings.

When the Lord brings this victory it means that his faculties have been restored to the level we are ordinarily made of - not being able to see, hear nor sense evil spirits.

This will not mean their demonic influence (not possession) attempts have ended. It will only mean their power to inflict underserved spiritual torment from their external influence has ended. They can no longer be seen, heard or sensed so they can make all the noise they wish but a person is shielded from seeing into the spirit realm. If we all could ordinarily see into the spirit realm it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience constantly watching ugly beings.

It’d be nice to sometimes see God’s angels conquering the demons though. Our faith would be energized, knowing that those who’re with us are more than those against us. But that’ll be walking by sight (what we see) instead of faith (trusting God and his word). Maybe that’s why God doesn’t ORDINARILY allow it, given that we’re beings created with senses to perceive matters in the physical or earthly realm.

God made us primarily for the natural realm. This is the reason why we have bodies and can ordinarily see each other and interact with one another. He then kept the spirit realm to his domain –that’s why we do not ordinarily see the billions (if not trillions) of spirit beings (good and bad ones) busy at work in the spirit realm.

On rare occasions he does allow some people to see into the spirit realm. For example God allowed Elisha’s servant to see the vast angels protecting them when he was afraid of human enemy forces (2 Kings 6:16-17).

Thus a born again Christian who is able to experience manifestations of spiritual beings on a constant basis ought to continue seeking God to close his/her senses from perceiving the spirit realm. Seeking God to close one’s senses from perceiving the spirit realm is more important in relation to the ugly manifestations, which are demonic manifestations.

There is no need to run to a so called “deliverance ministry” that casts demons out of Christians. Such a Christian is experiencing aspects of demonic influence not demonic possession.

If you’re not familiar with differences between demonic possession and demonic influence please read Chapter 5 - Demonic possession: The Exception for Direct Confrontation in my book on spiritual warfare, titled Major Spiritual Warfare Principles: Biblical Do’s and Don’ts of Warfare

In the same spiritual warfare book, Chapter 2, “Our Territory and Nature of Our Christian Authority,” explains what binding and loosing according to the Bible is, not according to some “deliverance ministries.”

All this is emphasized so that you don’t have to run to ministries that bring more bondage instead of deliverance. Such ministries are unscripturally preoccupied with casting out demons that have already been evicted by the Holy Spirit in believers’ lives. Being Christ-centered instead of demon-centered is the key to deliverance and healing.

Standing in faith and obedience throughout the healing process

Standing in faith and obedience to God throughout healing process is important. No need to speak to spirit beings. In fact please do not speak to them. Some believers I have counseled have said speaking to them makes them leave for a while. But they still come back.

There is no need to keep going in circles. The demons end up playing hide and seek. They claim to be inside a believer (an aspect of demonic possession), when they are actually operating from outside (an aspect of demonic influence). Playing their game keeps them working through the doorways.

There is no scriptural example where someone was speaking to spirit beings except those demon possessed. You or your born again loved one cannot be demon possessed. A born again believer cannot be Holy Spirit possessed and demon possessed at the same time. Your experiences are a result of demonic influence and not demonic possession.

Speaking to evil spirits in thin air is not scriptural. Yes Jesus spoke to the devil in the wilderness but look at its context. Did the prophets do it? No. Did the disciples do it? No. Did the apostles do it? No. Neither should we.

Speaking to evil spirits only invites their presence. It is calling them forth or summoning them into a sphere that your spirit and senses are able to recognize and interact with them. It is tapping into the spirit world, the wrong spirit world. Once your spirit and senses are able to recognize and interact with them the experiences are nothing but ugly.

Some experiences may seem like one is demon possessed yet it is mere demonic influence. Some so called deliverance ministries rush to categorize some experiences as demonic possession that are actually from demonic influence. They cast out evil spirits that are not even in a person. Because this is not what’s required a person who has non-existent demons cast out ends up never experiencing any deliverance. He/she feels more confused wondering why the demons have not gone.

This is because the demons were never inside. The individual may begin feeling more discouraged and defeated. He may assume there could be something wrong with him for having demons not being able to be cast out. What is actually wrong is the deliverance ministries that label nearly every problem as an aspect of demonic possession. It is the deliverance ministry, not a believer in the wrong.

Sometimes the intensity of demonic influence increases after going to these supposed deliverance ministries. Their intensity increases not from an internal influence (an aspect of demonic possession), but from an external influence (an aspect of demonic influence). The demons taunt the individual that they will never get out. He/she is their home. Yet those are only lies to continue focusing on their non-existent internal presence. As long as one focuses on the wrong causes there will never be a solution. God forbid.

Sometimes out of desperation a believer may try all kinds of remedies to get rid of their harassment. Some begin to bind and cast them out, to plead the blood of Jesus against them, to plead the blood of Jesus upon themselves, rebuking the demons, seeking deliverance ministers to cast demons out, getting into spiritual warfare prayers or deliverance prayers that directly confront the demons, and so on.

Unfortunately most of these assumed remedies are the very avenues that demons are invited into a realm where one’s spirit and senses are able to experience them. So believers or deliverance ministries who practice them only invite more demonic activity.

Under no circumstance are we to speak to demons in cases of demonic influence. We’re to speak to God only in the spirit world. Ignore the evil spirits and get into a prayer session, speaking to God who will eventually close your eyes from seeing evil spirits in the spirit world. Prayer combined with fasting also helps.

Until God completely closes your access into the spirit world your focus should be on him not the evil spirits being seen or heard. In his time God will bring the required covering to your spiritual eyes and senses. You’ll be like the rest of us who are covered from seeing and hearing these evil beings.

Continue doing your part of seeking God’s intervention and walking an upright life. If you’re interceding for someone facing such spiritual attacks your challenge is ensuring you’re a clean vessel for the Lord to effectively use.

Our obedient lives are weapons of righteousness that enable our prayers not to be hindered. This is indirect spiritual warfare. “Submit to God and be at peace with him… You will pray to him, and he will hear you… He will deliver even the one who is not innocent, who will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands,” Job 22: 21,27,30.

Praise and worship music is another weapon against spiritual attacks. It can help in facilitating the healing process. Through his continued disobedience the Lord allowed a tormenting spirit to come upon Saul. “Now the Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him,” 1 Samuel 16:14.

One of his servants knew a remedy to this. “See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you. Let our lord command his servants here to search for someone who can play the harp. He will play when the evil spirit from God comes upon you, and you will feel better,” 1 Samuel 16:15-16. Another servant recommended David who was at this time hardly known.

The music from David proved to be good medicine for Saul. “Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him,” 1 Samuel 16:23.

More content available in the Second Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it

Deliverance and healing from spiritual attacks through dreams

More content available in the Second Edition of the book: Click here to acquire it

Deliverance book: Overcoming demonic oppression, Schizophrenia & Psychosis: Christian guide book © 2014 Eric Gondwe


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